Interpretation is the oral translation of spoken text. Depending on the assignment and the setting, there are two main methods of interpretation: Simultaneous Interpreting and Consecutive Interpreting.
Simultaneous (SI): the interpreter translates while the speaker is talking. The interpreter needs to be quick, alert and able to find creative language solutions. At congresses, seminars and in the European Parliament interpreters work in pairs in especially equipped booths. They change roles every 15 minutes. During court sessions the interpreter often sits next to the person and whispers the simultaneous interpretation of the proceedings to the person.
Consecutive (CI): the name says it all; the interpreter first listens to what is said and then translates one or more sentences. If the speakers talks at some length, the interpreter may decide to take notes. This interpretation method is applied in committee meetings, presentations, interviews/interrogations by police officers & officials of the Ministry of Justice and during negotiations.
It goes without saying that interpreters can better prepare themselves when they have prior access to as much possible information on the subject matter. This certainly applies to business negotiations, contract meetings and presentations/speeches. Interpreters who assist civil-law notaries in passing deeds will need to receive a draft deed a few days before the actual execution. 
Finally, it is important to point out that the interpreter is sworn to secrecy and this also concerns any information supplied by you. So you don’t have to worry that any confidential information will be passed on to third parties.
JP Translations offers the following interpretation services:
  • General interpreter (CI/SI)
  • Conference interpreter (SI)
  • Whisper interpreter (SI)
  • Certified court interpreter (SI and/or CI)
  • Certified notary interpreter (SI and/or CI)

More information on when to deploy a certified accredited interpreter.
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